Measurement & Verification of Savings

Traditionally, after implementing an energy efficiency project, most organisations took a cursory glance at energy use before and after to find reassurance that energy savings had been achieved. However, a detailed analysis to ensure savings reached their projected levels was rarely completed. Our experience in implementing projects has found that realised energy savings often fall short of projected and that this is largely because the time has not been taken to fine tune the system.

The Measurement and Verification of savings is becoming increasingly important as organisations look to ensure energy savings have been maximised, to provide evidence to justify further expenditure on energy projects, and to provide a mechanism by which energy savings can be valued for Energy Performance Contracts or Energy Performance Related Payments.

PowerTherm has been measuring and verifying energy savings since 2004, when the e3 energy management bureau required a system for measuring its progress toward the goal of a 10% reduction in energy use.

In 2010 SEAI introduced the International Protocol for the Measurement & Verification of Performance (IPMVP) to Ireland and PowerTherm was one of the first organisations to have a Certified Measurement & Verification Professional. The Protocol provides a robust approach for the M&V of savings.

Since then PowerTherm has completed a number of M&V Plans and verified savings for projects we have been involved with, primarily projects that have received grant support from SEAI.


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