Energy & Maintenance Management

Our Energy Management service involves working with your staff and contractors to implement energy saving measures, operate and maintain your BMS, and keep track of progress toward your energy goal. Maintenance Management can be incorporated to ensure your facility is maintained in line with statutory requirements and best practice, equipment is regularly inspected, issues are professionally investigated and remedial work will result in lasting solutions study.

Energy Management is structured around the principles of ISO 50001 and SEAI's Energy Map, but scaled to suit your requirements and resources.

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At a practical level, our consultant will work with your organisation to implement your energy management programme, including raising awareness, BMS optimisation, pricing and supervising energy saving projects, and keeping track of progress. The impact will be evident from our monthly energy reports and annual report. Our consultant may spend a certain amount of time each week or month at your facility, or operate from our office using remote BMS access, or a mixture of the two.

Maintenance Management is an optional service and is based on our experience that good maintenance practices reduce energy use. By integrating it with energy management, and bringing the experience of energy professionals to bear, all maintenance and renewal works are viewed as opportunities to reduce energy use. As with Energy Management, we have developed a systematic approach to managing maintenance.

This is a highly flexible service and has been demonstrated to achieve excellent results over the long term with many clients (see Case Studies). We have found that with some capital investment, our combined Energy & Maintenance Management service can be self-financing, as well ensuring statutory compliance and improving occupant comfort.




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