Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study provides a rigorous technical and financial appraisal of a proposed investment. During an energy survey potential investments in capital plant are often identified. Depending on the cost of the plant and complexity of the project, it may be appropriate to undertake a feasibility study.

PowerTherm can undertake a detailed feasibility of energy-saving plant, be it a new air handling unit or a combined heat and power plant. In addition to addressing the technical feasibility, we undertake a financial analysis consisting of quantifying potential energy savings, capital and operational costs. We prepare a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis to calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Greenhouse gas emissions savings will also be assessed, and consideration given to the implications of carbon tax on the project.

We can also assist clients in applying for funding to implement projects.




Energy efficient Air Handling Unit



Energy efficient Air Handling Unit

CHP Feasibility Studies

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the generation of electricity and heat simultaneously, using a single engine. This engine drives an electrical generator to produce electricity, which is then used by your facility, for example, to power the lights, kitchen, computers, and other equipment. The exhaust heat produced by the engine may be recovered to provide hot water, room heating, pool heating, process steam, etc. Using heat and power together from a single source means that the overall energy efficiency can be in excess of 85%, compared with 40% for traditional power stations. This increased efficiency results in financial, security and environmental benefits.

PowerTherm will undertake an independent, detailed technical and economic analysis as to the suitability of a site for Combined Heat and Power. In order to provide a highly reliable and optimal appraisal, PowerTherm have developed a CHP assessment model that reduces the investment risk associated with a CHP investment. Consequently, a feasibility study requires an amount of time for data collection and analysis. It is usually preceded by a preliminary assessment, which may be incorporated into an energy audit.

PowerTherm recently completed a feasibility study as to the potential for CHP at the UCD Smurfit School of business.




CHP Feasibility Studies



CHP Feasibility Studies

Renewable Energy Technologies

PowerTherm can provide independent advice on, and preliminary assessment or feasibility study of a number of renewable energy technologies, including wind turbines, heat pumps, solar hot water systems, solar heating systems, biomass/biogas CHP and photovoltaics (PV).

PowerTherm recently completed a preliminary assessment as to the potential for a Wind Turbine at DCU.

Assessment of Capital Equipment Finance Options

Depending on the size of an investment and a client's circumstances, it may be appropriate to identify alternative finance options. These may include leasing arrangements from the equipment manufacturer, a build-own-operate model provided by an Energy Service Company (ESCO), or a public-private partnership arrangement (in the case of state organisations). PowerTherm can provide a client with independent assistance in identifying, gathering details on, and evaluating such finance options.


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