Our range of services have been developed to provide you with a complete Energy Management Solution. We design a tailored mix of services for each individual client. This guarantees maximum savings and an energy management service that fits your company’s requirements.

We Identify issues through Energy Audits, Feasibility Studies and Condition Surveys. In many cases, this work results in the implementation of a project, using our team of highly skilled engineers.

Following the completion of the project, we can provide monthly reports to help manage energy use. These reports can help your business to achieve and sustain energy & cost savings over the long term.

A clear measure of our success is that our clients retain our services. We understand energy and how to save it. We provide a professional, responsive service and ensure value for your money.

Please see below for a detailed description of our services.

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Our Approach



Sustain & Improve

Step 1: Identify

Energy Audit

We analyse your energy consumption, then survey your facility(s) to identify and quantify opportunities for energy savings. Our Registered Energy Auditors can undertake audits required by large organisations to comply with the Energy Auditing Scheme (SI 426).

Feasibility Study

Where a project requires a substantial investment, we complete an assessment which looks at its technical suitability for your facility. We also evaluate life cycle costs and assess the financial returns – helping you secure internal & external backing for your project.

Condition Survey

Often energy upgrades coincide with renewal of building services. We appraise the condition of your building services, assess maintenance requirements and remaining life. We combine this with an assessment of its energy performance and the potential efficiency gains from upgrading. This ensures you get the best long term value from your investment.

“Your hard work and dedication have yielded truly excellent results and we are greatly appreciative of the personal time and interest you have taken in us as a Company.”

Jose A. Soriano, General Manager, Four Seasons Hotel

Step 2: Implement


We design, procure & supervise the delivery of your energy project. Too often we see condensing boilers, CHP, HVAC and lighting systems installed without the customised controls in place to maximise the savings. As energy professionals with a solid understanding of controls, we can ensure the energy saving potential is fully achieved.

For smaller energy saving measures we will work with your staff or contractors, briefing them on requirements so the works will deliver maximum energy savings.

Energy Management System Implementation

Many organisations are Implementing energy management systems, such as SEAI’s Energy Map or ISO50001. Our energy consultants will guide you through this process, helping you identify your significant energy users, complete an energy review, establish energy performance indicators, prepare standard operating procedures, and put in place infrastructure and systems to monitor and report energy use. We have helped other organisations achieve ISO50001 Certification.

Measurement & Verification

We can measure and verify energy savings associated with energy projects or the implementation of ISO50001. This can be used as proof of savings for a project. It can also be used by your energy supplier partner to claim the energy credits under SEAI’s Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme.

Our Certified Measurement & Verification Professionals can prepare M&V Plans and Reports to meet requirements of the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol or ISO50015.

“A really impressive piece of work. It is very comprehensive but easily read and well structured”

Neil Gribben, Area Director of Finance,
Four Seasons Hotel Dublin

Step 3: Sustain & Improve

Monthly Energy Reports

Working with key clients for over 15 years we have developed a number of single and two-page report formats that capture succinctly energy consumption patterns.

As part of the service an energy consultant familiar with your facility reviews these to identify abnormalities, investigate when and where these arose, and identify follow-up actions for your team.

Our service helps you monitor and understand your energy use. Our analysis helps you ensure your energy use is under control. And lets you know if it isn’t!

Energy & Maintenance Management

We can provide an energy engineer to come to your facility weekly or monthly. They will help you manage energy and implement energy projects. They provide monthly energy reports, develop a register of energy opportunities, help you implement energy metering and monitoring, brief your team, implement energy projects, etc. And at the end of the year they provide a review – works implemented, savings achieved, and plans for the coming year. It’s like having your own part time energy manager!

In our experience maintenance and energy go hand in hand. Passing actuator-valves, damaged lagging, poor boiler combustion efficiency, and inappropriate chiller temperature settings are just some examples of where poor maintenance can result in wasted energy. We can combine energy with maintenance management to provide a cost-effective and energy efficient combination.

Remote Monitoring & BMS Support

We use remote access to your energy monitoring system and Building Management System to monitor and manage energy use, investigate issues and identify opportunities for improvement. This service will help you fine tune your operational settings and provide operational control over these (for ISO50001). It can also identify maintenance issues such as passing valves.

We understand energy and how to save it.  We provide a professional, responsive service and ensure value for money. Talk To One Of Our Team Experts About Reducing Your Business Energy Costs Today!

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