Our range of services has been developed to provide you with a complete energy management solution. You may simply need a BER assessment, an energy survey or a feasibility study. In many cases such work results in implementation of a project, followed by regular monthly reports to help manage energy use, and the mix of services is developed to help you achieve and sustain energy and cost savings over the long term.

One measure of our success is that clients retain our services; we understand energy and how to save it, we provide a professional and responsive service and we give value for money.





Our services include:

Energy Surveys to assist you understand your energy use and provide a list of opportunities to help you reduce your consumption. A Condition Survey can be incorporated to assess building services and fabric, to identify maintenance issues and remedial work requirements.More Info >

Feasibility studies to assess the technical and economic viability of energy efficient, renewable and combined heat and power technologies. More Info >

Monitoring and Reporting to ensure your energy use is managed and energy savings are realised. Our monthly energy reports include a weather-corrected assessment of performance. Each report is issued with a short commentary from a consultant familiar with your facility, guiding you on what action to take.More Info >

Energy Management by working with your staff and contractors to implement energy saving measures, operate and maintain your BMS, and keep track of progress toward your energy goal.Maintenance Management can be incorporated to ensure your facility is maintained in line with statutory requirements and best practice, equipment is regularly inspected, issues are professionally investigated and remedial work will result in lasting solutions.More Info >

Energy Retrofit Design & Project Management to ensure energy saving projects are designed, procured, installed, controlled and fine tuned to maximise energy savings. Where appropriate, we will guarantee the energy performance of the project, giving you peace of mind that the project will deliver sufficient energy savings to allow you recover your original capital investment over time.More Info >

Energy Savings Measurement & Verification to ensure energy savings are quantified so that results are consistent and robust. This is often required where parties guarantee energy savings and for Energy Performance Contracts. Our Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals are trained to validate savings in line with the International Protocol for the Measurement and Verification of Performance (IPMVP).More Info >

Energy Performance Contract (EPC) & Energy Performance Related Payments (EPRP) Support to help you prepare, plan, procure, contract and implement an EPRP or EPC with an Energy Services Company (ESCO). We can also independently measure and verify performance (energy savings). We can also conduct an EPC Assessment of your facility to assist you develop the likely scope and potential for an Energy Performance Contract.

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Other services we provide are CHP performance analysis, heating system investigation and balancing, and electricity and gas procurement.We also provide energy policy and strategy development to help you develop a strategic approach to energy management and secure the necessary commitment (and resources) from senior management. This is often of particular relevance to large or multi-site energy users.






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