Energy Efficiency:





EU Energy Performance Directive
A .pdf file of the EU directive on Energy performance in buildings.

Energy Star Programme (US)
ENERGY STAR offers businesses and consumers energy efficient solutions -- helping to save money while protecting the environment for future generations.

Rockwool Building 2000
Go to Building 2000. Rockwool's R&D centre features online monitoring of the building's energy performance. Provides some ideas for online monitoring and targeting.

CADDET Energy Efficiency
Centre for Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies. A source of global information on proven, commercial applications covering the full range of energy-saving technologies.

An international directory of suppliers whose technologies help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. GREENTIE also provides information on funding and on leading international organisations and IEA programmes whose RD&D and information activities centre around clean energy technologies.

e3 energy : environment : economy
DCU, DIT, TCD and UCD are implementing a joint initiative to reduce energy use.




Renewable Energy:





IEA About Bioenergy
An educational website about biomass and bioenergy. Was developed in the framework of the IEA Bioenergy Task 29 project.

IEA BioEnergy - Biomass Combustion and Co-Firing Publication
The outcome of this IEA task includes a useful introduction to biomass combustion technologies.

RETScreen International (Canada)
The RETScreen International Renewable Energy Decision Support Centre seeks to promote the deployment of renewable energy systems by developing enabling tools that allow stakeholders to better analyse the technical and financial viability of possible projects.

Wood Fuel Heating System Organisations
A catalogue of 217 European organisations active in the wood-fuel sector: manufacturers, networks, energy agencies, etc.

CADDET Renewable Energy
Centre for Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies. It is an international information network that helps managers, engineers, architects and researchers find out about renewable energy and energy-saving technologies that have worked in other countries.

TecSol (France)
Renewable energy organisation, particularly solar.




Combined Heat & Power (CHP):





Caterpillar (US)

Cogen Europe

Irish CHP Association
The Irish CHP Association is a newly established representative body for the Combined Heat and Power sector in Ireland North and South.

Solar Turbines (US)
Manufacturer of mid-range industrial gas turbines for use in CHP and other applications.

UK CHP Association




Other Useful Links!:





Action Energy (UK)


CIBSE - Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (UK)

CIBSE Building Services Journal Online

Commission for Energy Regulation (Ireland)

Department of Trade & Industry, Energy Section (UK)

Energy Research Group

International Energy Agency

Manage Energy (EU)
ManagEnergy promotes co-operation between local and regional energy agencies through workshops, study tours and online events on energy saving and renewable energy. Contains useful case studies. Funded by the EC.

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (US)

REFOCUS - Renewable Energy Magazine

Solar Century (UK)

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland





Government Policy and Initiatives:





Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources
Energy web page

EU Directorate General of Energy and Transport

EU Energy Framework Programme






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