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Energy Survey of Office Building

PowerTherm was contracted to undertake a Comprehensive Energy Survey of a large office building in Dublin. The objectives of the survey were to establish a baseline of energy consumption based on historical information and compare this with industry benchmarks; to analyse how energy was being consumed at the site and identify the energy cost drivers; to identify cost-effective energy saving measures; and to provide monthly energy performance targets to assist in realising the savings. The survey concluded that electricity and gas consumption was above typical performance of a similar building type; provided a series of pie charts illustrating how energy was consumed; and identified cost-effective measures that could reduce total annual energy costs by over 20%.

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Energy & Maintenance Management Service at UCD's Graduate Business School

Since 2010 PowerTherm has provided an Energy & Maintenance Management Service at UCD's prestigious Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. Since then we have achieved an 18% reduction in electricity use and 28% reduction in gas use. This represents substantial progress toward the Public Sector 2020 Energy Efficiency Target of 33% energy efficiency improvement.

We have also resolved many issues, resulting in improved occupant comfort and satisfaction, which is reflected in the reduced number of issues being reported each month. Our rapid and engineered resolution of new issues provides good service levels and long term solutions. We provide project management of gradual upgrade of building services, with energy efficiency opportunities an important consideration for any works. Maintenance is managed to ensure it is carried out as cost-effectively as possible and to the standard required, with the aim of prolonging equipment life. We administer the associated maintenance records and ensure compliance with statutory requirements.


Energy Retrofit Design & Project Management

Between 2009 and 2012 PowerTherm identified, designed and delivered energy efficiency projects costing 1,200,000 euro, and secured SEAI grant funding for these projects of 500,000 euro.

Lighting system projects included lamp upgrades to T5-type fluorescent tubes, induction lighting and LED lighting; fitting upgrades to units with superior output ratios and more efficient lamps and control gear; installation of occupancy (PIR and microwave type) and daylight controls.


Heating system projects included refurbishment of UCD's 400kW main boiler house in Blackrock (2010); UCD's Energy Centre serving the district heating system, including 3,200kW of new capacity (2011), and Dublin Port's head quarters, which included new boilers and a micro CHP (2012).In the case of the Port Centre project we guaranteed the client a 15% reduction in fossil fuel use; verified savings are 28%. For more information click case study link below.

We have also completed a wide variety of smaller energy projects such as: BMS controls optimisation, variable speed control of air handling units, flat roof insulation, pipe lagging, radiator installations, variable air volume controller upgrades, air conditioning units, free air cooling, etc.

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e3 Energy Management Bureau

In 2004 Trinity College, DCU, DIT and UCD launched an energy initiative to reduce their energy use by an ambitious 10% in 30 key buildings over 3 years. They adopted a common strategy for achieving this target and entitled the programme e3, signifying energy-environment-economy.

PowerTherm Solutions and a partner were appointed to provide a comprehensive range of energy and project management services to the four colleges to assist them in achieving their goal. It was our responsibility to both identify energy savings and assist in their implementation. A performance bonus was linked to the colleges achieving their target.

The initiative achieved its goal by a combination of housekeeping measures and implementing cost-effective energy saving measures. Key services provided by PowerTherm included:


Energy surveys.
Awareness and training.
Building Management System (BMS) operation and optimisation.
Implementation and project management of measures
Monitoring and reporting on progress and savings via monthly and annual reports.


In 2005 e3 was a winner of the "Energy Management Initiative" category at the SEI annual Energy Awards. Over a period of 8 years e3 achieved verifiable energy savings of 161 GWh, worth 6.9 million euro's. The cumulative reduction in greenhouse gas emissions was 33,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to taking 10,000 cars off the road for one year. For more information, click on the press release link below or see

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Energy Survey of Print & Packaging Company

PowerTherm was contracted to undertake a Comprehensive Energy Survey of a printing and packaging company. The objectives of the survey were to provide an insight into how energy is consumed at site, and to identify energy saving measures with a payback of less than 3 years. The survey included an analysis of historical usage identifying the correlation between production volumes and electricity use, and quantified annual energy use by all major production equipment, air compressors and building services plant. It identified recommendations for change to operating practices, production equipment layout and controls, waste extraction system layout and controls, compressed air installation and controls, lighting installation and controls, and the heating system. Opportunities for heat recovery from both the air compressor and production equipment were identified, described, and cost-benefit evaluated. The survey identified cost-effective measures that could reduce total annual energy costs by 23%.

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