LED Lighting Retrofits

LED Lighting Retrofits

LED lighting retrofits: factors that affect their cost, savings and payback

A White Paper by Cian O’Riordan – Managing Director.

Lecture Hall with LED lighting

If you’ve looked carefully at the light fittings you come across in your everyday life – on streets, in shopping centres, offices, hotels, airports – chances are you’ve noticed that the lights are different from those you saw a few years ago. They are likely to give whiter light and better colour rendering than their predecessors. The new lights are likely to be LEDs, and there is a lighting mini-revolution underway.

If you’re responsible for building maintenance, energy or cost management, then you are likely to have heard some people say the retrofit was free, others talk about paybacks ranging from 3 years to 12 years. How can there be such a wide variation on paybacks, and what are the factors that will affect the cost, savings and payback of your installation?

PowerTherm Solutions has been specifying, procuring and supervising the installation of LED retrofit projects since 2015, and other lighting retrofits since 2006. Last year we surveyed over 20,000 light fittings, managed LED retrofits in 4 large buildings and 1 external car park with investment budgets exceeding €1.2million, and we measured and verified 1.7 GWh of lighting-related energy saving credits.

This paper discusses the considerations we have found affect the costs, savings and paybacks for LED retrofit projects. Here are the top 10 considerations:

  1. The impact of annual operating hours on the payback.
  2. The choice between replacing the lamp or the fitting.
  3. Special considerations for feature lighting and unusual fittings.
  4. Options for emergency lighting.
  5. Fitting selection.
  6. Controls options.
  7. Maintenance requirements and savings.
  8. Competitive procurement from suitable contractors.
  9. Manufacturer reputation and warranty.
  10. Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme.

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Boiler House Retrofit Project

Boiler House Retrofit Project


The Project

  • Asbestos removal
  • Remove oil tank, oil boiler and associated mechanical and electrical installation
  • Network gas connection, associated civils.
  • 2no. 190kW high efficiency modulating and condensing gas boiler
  • New flues
  • Gas train, circulation pumps, pressurisation unit, valves and pipework
  • New MCC and BMS panel, associated controls
  • Pipe and valve lagging
  • Boiler house painting, new doors, etc.