University College Dublin

Client Services:
  • Energy & Maintenance Management Service
  • Boiler House Retrofit Projects
  • Lighting Retrofit Projects
  • Fume Cupboard Project
  • ISO50001 Energy Management System implementation

PowerTherm has been working with UCD since 2002. In that time we’ve provided a wide range of services, delivered numerous projects, and helped achieve significant progress towards UCD’s 33% energy saving target. Below are some examples.

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

Energy and Maintenance Management

Our Service

  • On-site Technical Support
  • Manage preventative maintenance and compliance requirements
  • Building services inspections
  • Respond to, investigate and arrange resolution of failures
  • BMS monitoring and management
  • Monthly Energy Reporting
  • Energy saving identification and delivery
  • Annual reporting

The Results

  • Primary energy savings of 32.6%, versus a target of 33% by 2020.

Boiler House Retrofit Project

The Project

  • Condensing boilers
  • Header reconfiguration
  • High efficiency pumps
  • New flues
  • Lagging
  • Gas and heat metering & monitoring
  • Balancing
  • Advanced Controls

Our Role

  • Feasibility study
  • Design, specify, public procurement, supervise installation
  • Detailed description of system control
  • PSDP
  • Handle all contractual and financial aspects of project, including SEAI grant administration.

The Results

  • 42% gas saving
  • €24,400 saving p.a.
  • 3.9 year payback.

UCD School of Architecture

LED Lighting Retrofit

The Project

  • Remove fluorescent lighting with electromagnetic gear
  • Specify high quality LED lighting retrofit suited to architectural studio both functionally and aesthetically
  • Specify LED lighting in other areas
  • Controls on each fitting that dim in response to daylight and occupancy
  • M&V savings and claim energy saving credits on behalf of obligated energy supplier for EEOS

Our Role

  • Assess feasibility, calculate savings
  • Lighting calculations, specify fittings and works
  • Public procurement, installation supervision
  • Manage contractual and financial aspects

The Results

  • 61,000 kWh electricity savings
  • 15% reduction in campus electricity
  • €8,500 savings per annum

UCD Centre for Synthesis & Chemical Biology (CSCB)

Fume cupboard VSD project

The Project

  • 48no. Fume cupboards
  • Variable Speed Drives on extract fans
  • New, improved velocity sensors
  • Protective grilles at back of the units
  • Resolved maintenance issues:
    • New fans
    • Damper repairs
  • New FC controllers
  • Full re-commission of the fume cupboards:
    • 0.5m/s minimum face velocities across the FC aperture at all times
    • Greater than 10m/s efflux velocity at the stack discharge at all times
  • All safety features on FCs checked to ensure safe operation

The Results

  • Predicted 33% electricity saving
  • Achieved 40% electricity saving for entire building
  • €61,000 annual electricity savings
  • €6,000 annual gas savings
  • Payback < 1 year

UCD Energy Centre

Boilers & District Heating Pumps Retrofit

The Project

  • 2no. 1760kW boilers + condensing modules
  • Supply low temperature return water to condensing modules
  • 6000 kW standby boiler taken out of hot standby, heat and pump savings
  • Resized DH pumps with VSD, broad efficient operating range and high efficiency motors
  • Pipe and valve lagging
  • Separate DH work to allow variable flow rates and reduce return water temperature in mild weather
  • Handle all contractual and financial aspects of project, including SEAI grant administration.


Our Role



  • Assess feasibility
  • Design and specify, PSDP
  • Detailed description of system control
  • Public procurement, installation supervision
  • Manage contractual and financial aspects




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